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Female American-based pop-singers have become more popular over the years in America. Women in this position can be powerful role-models for the adolescent female population. However, concern has been raised over whether these artists use this influence positively or if they have a negative influence. Although there are a few artists who clearly use their influence in a positive way, the majority seem to affect girls negatively. Firstly, the life-style of female American pop-singers and the ideas they convey through their song lyrics reinforce materialism in adolescent girls. Secondly, these artists have a negative influence on the body image of teenage girls. Thirdly female pop-singers from America display self-destructive behaviour and are bad role-models. Consequently, female American pop-singers have a negative influence on teenage girls.

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Essay Singers And Players...Essay Singers And Players...Essay Singers And Players...Essay Singers And Players...

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