Oblivion knight oblivion knight

Daggers are not a good selection for a knight. Due to their short range and weak priority of damage, the knight will probably end up getting killed first due to his lack of Endurance, and the advantage of speed the dagger permits would be greatly reduced due to the heavy armor the knight wears.

The Sigil Keep (called "The Chaos Stronghold") is a typical run with two corridor-ramp areas, eventually leading to the Sigillum Sanguis . Upon entering the Chaos Stronghold, the two knights will go sword-happy and may very well enter the corridors after some Daedra they managed to spot up in the rafters. As you cannot give them commands you will have a particularly hard time saving Farwil from an untimely death. To make matters worse they lack leveled equipment, instead they wear a partial set of steel armor, with a Knights of the Thorn Shield and two different steel weapons. It is also worth noting they have no ranged attacks and will be extremely vulnerable to friendly fire and enemy spell casters.

Oblivion Knight Oblivion KnightOblivion Knight Oblivion KnightOblivion Knight Oblivion KnightOblivion Knight Oblivion Knight


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