David bowie - look back in anger

David Bowie in the late seventies was the source of any number of sharp-edged, thrillingly modern rock songs that pointed the way forward for more bands than could be counted -- among their number was a highlight of Lodger, "Look Back in Anger." Capturing, in evocative terms, an encounter between the narrator and "an angel," though one of a seemingly secular bent, the song is another chance for Bowie to demonstrate the magnificiently rich croon he had developed by that point. Indeed, if anything the song is an overt tribute to Scott Walker's work in the mid-seventies on songs like "Nite Flights," with open Walker fan Bowie delivering both soaring choruses and fantastically moody verses. Musically, however, the entire song is flat-out on from the start, with quick-paced polyrhythms and whirring synth and feedback drones filling out the mix. Slightly weird backing vocals add both a sharp musical and vocal contrast to Bowie's relative exuberance, and the whole is a fantastic tour de force.

David Bowie - Look Back In AngerDavid Bowie - Look Back In AngerDavid Bowie - Look Back In AngerDavid Bowie - Look Back In Anger


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